Using Botox to Prevent Wrinkles from Forming

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When most young people hear about botulinum toxin or Botox as it is commonly referred, they assume that it is something they’ll think about in 15 or 20 years. Traditionally, the injectable is used by older generation to limit the evidence of aging skin. We develop wrinkles over time whenever we smile or laugh. But for young people, the lines disappear once the facial muscles relax. Did you know that Botox can be used to delay or stop wrinkles before they start? Learn how this works.

What is preventive Botox?

When injected, Botox reduces muscle activity by blocking nerve signals to facial muscles. Unlike dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Sculptra, that fill volume loss in the skin, this neuromodulator inhibits the release of acetylcholine chemical responsible for wrinkles formation through muscle contractions. Eventually, there’s paralysis around the injected area that causes further relaxation and stops the appearance of deep lines.

Botox in your 20’s

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, this is the best time to prevent crow’s feet and wrinkles before they start to form more profoundly on your face. It is always advisable to get preventive Botox treatment from a certified cosmetic dermatologist. Skin wrinkle treatment begins with marking correct injection points, followed by numbing the area using an anesthetic cream. You should only feel minor discomfort during the injection of botulinum toxin and the procedure takes a short time, about 20 minutes. For best results, keep away from alcohol and aspirin two weeks before treatment. This might help reduce bruising afterwards.

The results are entirely dependent on the individual. So, what you will experience might be different from another patient. Some people have reported their muscles started to relax after three days, while others confirm that facial wrinkles visibly began diminishing after one week of injection. If you adhere to all the requirements, then it might take between three to four months before the next touch-up to delay permanent wrinkles.

At what age should you get Botox?

Now, you may be wondering is preventive Botox right for me? Is it safe? Well, the simple answer is that it isn’t for everyone. There’s no universal treatment for all patients. Although FDA allows the use of Botox only for persons above the age of 18, you will not get desirable results if you have deep facial scars or very thick facial skin. At the same time, Botox is not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding women or individuals with a neuromuscular disease. Nonetheless, you might need to cope up with headache, skin irritation, redness and bruising, which will go away within two days of treatment.

Talk Your Dermatologist

If you’re interested in getting Botox injections, consult thoroughly with a dermatology provider who is specially trained in injectables. Share your medical history and don’t fail to mention the drugs that you’re allergic to. At Schweiger Dermatology Group, we attend to different patient needs with an open mind to achieve maximum results. Since you’re young, you might think that this is a lifelong commitment, but it’s not! You can undergo the procedure as many times as you may want and quit when you want with no repercussions. Botox boasts of a stellar safety record of preventing and treating wrinkles and lines.


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