Things to Know Before Getting Fillers in Lips

Patient getting fillers in the lips

Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group gives the scoop on the best questions to ask your injector before getting lip filler for the first time.

While fuller lips are one of the most requested cosmetic enhancements, the actual injecting of the lips can be a challenge. The lips are a cosmetically sensitive area, so if it’s a bad job, or the filler is poorly placed—it looks obvious (and obvious is not good!). It’s very important to make sure you’re comfortable with your injector, and that you find out their level of expertise before moving forward with treatment. It’s also important for both provider and patient to be on the same page about expectations of outcome so there are no surprises or disappointments. Remember: Altering the size and shapes of the lips can change your entire appearance. Make sure to ask all your questions beforehand so you can be properly informed.

Ask Your Injector About

Types of Fillers in Lips

There are many product options for lip fillers. While some of these products might not necessarily be FDA-approved for the lip area, they may give a fuller and smoother appearance, or even last longer. Ask about the filler product your provider has selected and what makes it the right match for your cosmetic goals.

What to Expect After Filler in Lips

Some lip fillers can cause temporary swelling, puffiness or bruising. Ask your injector what the normal reaction is for the days following your treatment, and when you should expect full recovery.

Change in Lip Shape

There are many ways to inject lip filler, and many different aspects of the lip that can be adjusted. Lips can appear fuller, wider, upturned. Ask how your injector is planning to alter the shape.

Your Lip Injection Specialist’s Experience

Buyer beware! There are many injectors who claim to be trained at performing lip filler and cosmetic procedures, but the truth is that they weren’t sufficiently trained. And the scary part is there’s nothing illegal about this! For the safest and best results with your lip injections, only trust a provider who has spent years training with experts prior to injecting.

Lip Injection Removal

The good news is that if you’re not happy with the results, most lip fillers can be dissolved. Make sure to discuss use of these hyaluronic acid fillers with your provider to see if they’re the suited for you and if the filler can be reversed if desired.

Numbing Cream for Lip Fillers

The lips are very sensitive, and injections can be uncomfortable. Numbing cream can be applied to make the experience more relaxed, and most fillers are now mixed with anesthetic which also curbs discomfort during the procedure.

How to Avoid Duck Lips with Fillers

Start slow. Find a physician you trust and be honest about your fears. Increasing the size of your lips, or the shape, can be done gradually so you can get accustomed to the change, and you can be sure you’re not filling more than you need.

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