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The Latest In-Office Acne Treatments and How They Can Help Your Skin

Cristina Monaco, PA-C

This week’s blog post comes to us from physician assistant Cristina Monaco, PA-C, who sees patients in our Commack, Long Island dermatology office. Cristina sees many patients who are battling acne–both teenagers and adults. She often gets asked about which acne treatments are best for their skin types. Here, Cristina explains some of the latest in-office technologies to treat pimples and problem skin.

When I first see an acne patient, I ask them two questions:

  1. How bad does their acne bother them? 
  2. What bothers them the most about their acne?

I find doing this helps me treat the patient specifically to their wants and needs. One of the reasons why I love treating acne in adults and teens is that no acne treatment regimen is the same. Some patients have mild acne with “dark marks” and some patients have more moderate to severe acne that will need more medical and physical treatment.

In-Office Acne Treatments

Blue Light / Red Light Therapy for Acne

Currently at our Commack office, we are offering physical treatments that can help our acne patients. Our Blue Light/Red Light Therapy is a 30 minute procedure that has zero downtime, and can be added to any acne visit. Patients will first wash their face with a gentle cleanser, and will then put on their protective eye wear. The first 15 minutes patients are treated with the Blue Light. The Blue Light treats the epidermis or first skin layer by killing off P. acnes bacteria. This bacteria is what grows inside our pores, and in turn causes acne. The last 15 minutes of treatment is done with the Red Light. The Red Light Therapy helps decrease redness, inflammation and also helps get rid of those annoying, persistent red marks from old acne. I also love to use the Red Light Therapy alone for patients who have rosacea. It works great in addition to medical management!

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne

Another treatment we perform at our office is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for patients who may have oily skin along with cystic acne. This therapy will not only kill acne bacteria, but will help change the oil glands on the face. Patients notice a significant decrease in acne breakouts with this treatment. Photodynamic Therapy uses a photosensitive agent called Levulan that becomes active under our Blue and Red Light. This procedure leaves patients having a few days of redness and peeling. It is very important for patients to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours.

Chemical Peels for Acne

We also provide different chemical peels at our Commack office that will benefit all different types of acne. A mild chemical peel such as Glycolic Acid will remove the dead skin cells, giving a more vibrant look, and a smoother texture to the skin. This is a perfect chemical peel for someone who may want that “glow” to their skin. These peels can be done once a week, or every two weeks for optimal results. Another chemical peel geared towards acne are Salicylic Acid Peels. These peels are ideal for patients who have clogged pores, acne break outs and oily skin. They can be performed at monthly acne visits. Lastly, Jessner’s peels are offered at our Commack office for more patients with severe acne and hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

For more information on the acne treatments in our Commack office or to book an appointment with Cristina Monaco, call 631-449-7900.

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