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The Scoop on Baby Botox

Botox is enjoying a media blitz—with recent articles in The New York Times and The Atlantic about the post-pandemic beauty boom. One term that keeps cropping up is Baby Botox.

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox (or barely-there Botox) is a smaller amount of Botox injected in just the right areas on the face to relax lines and produce a refreshed—not frozen—look. It’s also a great way for first-timers to dip their toes—or foreheads—into the Botox pool. Baby Botox is sometimes also called preventative Botox and is considered a pre-juvenation technique.

Why Get Preventative Botox?

The idea behind preventative Botox is that smaller injection amounts of Botox in your 20s and 30s makes it easier to prevent deep wrinkles and reduces the need for more invasive procedures once those lines are deeply etched.

“Baby Botox is a wonderful option for young patients as a way to start with pre-juvenation and anti-aging, but to make sure they look natural and age-appropriate,” says Dr. Michele Farber, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Philadelphia, PA . “Many people getting first time Botox are worried about looking frozen or overdone; small amounts of Botox can reduce and prevent wrinkles while giving a refreshed, but not immobile, look.”

How Much Botox is Used in Baby Botox?

Baby Botox uses approximately 30% less Botox in multiple muscles in the face, including the forehead, glabella and brow area and the crow’s feet. This leaves a rejuvenated look with natural movement.

Botox Done Safely

Botox is 100% a medical procedure. This is not the time to bargain hunt. It’s critical to go to a healthcare provider—an MD, DO, PA-C or NP—that has been specifically trained in dermatology and medical aesthetics and has valued experience as an injector. The cosmetic providers at Schweiger Dermatology Group have undergone rigorous training in injectables.

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