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It may sound like a treatment from a futuristic movie, but a new body sculpting treatment that doesn’t even touch the skin has arrived. Vanquish is a revolutionary new cosmetic treatment that uses radio frequency waves to painlessly heat up fat cells, causing cell death, with no damage to the muscle or skin. All of this can be accomplished without even having to touch the skin!

Vanquish uses a paneled applicator that is suspended about on inch above the treatment area, so it never comes into contact with the skin. Thanks to the large treatment applicator, Vanquish can treat large areas uniformly, such as the abdomen, in just one session. Unlike other body sculpting and fat reducing cosmetic treatments that require downtime, possible risks or side effects and at least some pain, Vanquish is truly a game-changer, with research to prove its efficacy.

What to Expect From Vanquish: Proven Results

The research behind Vanquish’s fat-removing capabilities is both compelling and exciting. In a recent animal study, Vanquish killed 60% of the fat cells it treated. Out of a study on 25 human patients, all enjoyed visible results after only the first treatment and after four sessions each, 59% of abdominal fat was gone. Four sessions is considered a full course of Vanquish.

Who is Vanquish for?

Vanquish is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight in tough areas, such as the abdomen and flanks (muffin top). Vanquish is especially great for moms looking to get rid of extra belly fat after having children or anyone who wants to drop a few inches off their waist. During your Vanquish treatment, you’ll experience a feeling of warmth in the treated area, but no pain or discomfort at all. Many patients use their 30-minute treatment time to catch up on sleep.

Insider Tip: Before and after your Vanquish treatment, it’s recommended to drink a lot of water. The radio frequency targets fat cells easier if they contain more water. Water will also help the body eliminate fat cells post-treatment.

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