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Botox Benefits

Botox Benefits

Hands down, one of the most exciting cosmetic procedures in dermatology is Botox. It’s been over a decade that this miracle injectable has been approved for cosmetic use and the effects have been amazing. With one injection, Botox has the ability to iron out wrinkles and even prevent new ones from forming. Botox is completely safe and the perfect alternative to plastic surgery. Botox has even been shown to lift moods.

A recent study showed that Botox had the ability to improve symptoms of depression when injected in the area in between and directly above the eyebrows. Other areas that can be treated with Botox are the crow’s feet, the upper forehead and around the hairline, to give the entire top half of the face a lift. Plus even more good news for Botox users!

A new study shows that Botox injections not only get rid of wrinkles, but also make the overlying skin look and feel younger. So that means the overall appearance of your skin will look rejuvenated thanks to Botox injections. While the cost of Botox injections is certainly not cheap, it’s a sure thing and will produce real results that you can be happy with.

Popular Areas for Botox Treatments

The most popular areas for Botox treatment are the glabella (those lines in between your eyebrows also known as the “11’s”), the crow’s feet are around the eyes and the horizontal lines on the forehead. When injected by a trained professional who has experience with facial aesthetics, Botox can also give the brows and eye area a mini eye lift.

When Botox injections are performed by a trained, licensed and experienced medical expert, the results can be amazing. You will not appear frozen or as though you’ve had work done, when injected properly, Botox makes you look more relaxed, more rejuvenated and just better than before. It’s important to seek out a professional who knows about facial anatomy and can inject you in the exact right places.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Botox

Directly following your Botox treatment, there are some set guidelines to follow to ensure you receive the best results from your Botox treatments. Here are the top Botox dos and dont’s:

  • Do schedule a follow-up appointment with your provider for two weeks following the treatment. Your provider will be able to analyze the results and see if you need more Botox in another area.
  • If you have had a reaction to Botox or are sensitive to other types of fillers, opt for Xeomin instead.
  • Don’t exercise or massage the face for at least 4 hours post-treatment.
  • Do see a provider who has had years of experience injecting Botox. Strategically injecting Botox is an art form. You don’t want to end up with back alley Botox, which can seriously damage your face and cause lasting harm.
  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications up to two weeks prior to Botox treatments, as to reduce bruising.

How Long Does Botox take to Work?

After your Botox treatment, you’ll probably be anxious to see the results. The wait time to see results after Botox injections is typically seven days. During this time period it’s important to be patient and not request more Botox. You can always see the dermatologist once the results appear if you feel you’d like more Botox.

Botox Results

When most people see the results of Botox, they are extremely pleased. Botox’s ability to iron out wrinkles is pretty impressive. The fine lines and wrinkles that were all you could see in the mirror appear much less severe and the overall appearance is refreshed and more relaxed and rejuvenated. Botox results typically last up to six months. Botox also acts as a preventative measure for wrinkles, as it prevents repetitive folding of the skin that come from the frequency of making expressions. By injecting Botox before wrinkles even form, you’re setting the stage for a younger look for years to come.

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