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Dermatologists Say The ‘Big Four’ Are All You Need to Beat Oily Skin


If you’ve got oily skin, you likely know all too well that there’s a fine line between when your complexion looks happily dewy and when it’s straight-up greasy. The trick to being on the right side of that line all comes down to finding the right routine—but that doesn’t require a zillion tubes and bottles. In fact, according to dermatologists, as long as you’re using the right ingredients, you can get the job done with only four products.



Retinol’s ability to speed up cell turnover (aka bring fresh, new cells to the skin’s surface while getting rid of old dead ones) makes it an oily skin hero. “In acne-prone skin, cell-turnover can help unclog pores since a lot of what’s clogging pores is that old, dead skin, and if you make that happen faster it will unclog those pores,” says New York-based, board-certified dermatologist Jason Miller, MD. This, he says, is why dermatologists so frequently prescribe things like Retin-A and other topical vitamin A derivatives.



Source : Well+Good – Dermatologists Say The ‘Big Four’ Are All You Need to Beat Oily Skin By, Zoe Weiner