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The Star Exfoliating Ingredient That Will Give You Baby Skin


Star Exfoliating Ingredient For Baby Soft Skin


Skin-care ingredients inspire a lot of passionate debate (one minute your feed is blowing up about coconut, the next it’s Kakadu plum). But far from faddish, there’s one superhero staple that has remained relatively under the radar and is now earning well deserved buzz: enzymes.

Simply put—for those who haven’t thought about biochemistry for the better part of a decade—enzymes are substances that enhance a particular chemical process. “Essentially they acts as catalysts for a reaction,” explains New York City dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group. Often derived from plants and fruits (or through fermentation), enzymes set in motion a specific—and critical—skin-care reaction: “They unglue the bonds between dead skin cells, which causes skin to exfoliate and slough off,” says Dr. Nazarian. And here’s the unique part: Enzymes do this without disrupting your pH—or the precise equilibrium “that skin requires to perform at its best,” she says.


Source: Vogue – The Star Exfoliating Ingredient That Will Give You Baby Skin By, Kari Molvar


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