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The Pro’s Guide To Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

With the love of applying makeup comes the burden of taking it off — and we mean taking it off your face and your brushes. If you’re thinking, “yeah, but I don’t have to clean my makeup brushes as often,” think again. Any makeup pro or derm will tell you it’s important to consistently clean your application tools.

Clean tools also keep harmful buildup off of your skin, so you aren’t making frequent appointments at your dermatologist’s office. “It is important to clean makeup brushes to get rid of buildup, dirt, oils, and most importantly bacteria,” says Cristina Monaco, certified physician assistant at Schweiger Dermatology Group. “I find many patients complain of increased acne breakouts if they do not clean their makeup brushes consistently.”

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Source: Refinery29 – The Pro’s Guide To Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes By, Thatiana Diaz


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