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What You Need To Know About The New Sunscreen Study That Has Everyone Talking

New Sunscreen Study


It’s long been known that the chemicals in sunscreen penetrate into the blood, but a new study conducted by the FDA found that it’s way more than previously thought.

The study, published in the medical journal JAMA earlier this week, tested four different sunscreen formulations. To conduct the study, 24 healthy adults volunteered to have the recommended amount of sunscreen applied to their skin four times a day for four days. The conclusion? The amount of the active sunscreen ingredients absorbed within one day of application systemically exceeded the FDA’s threshold for chemicals that don’t require further non-toxicology studies. This sounds a little unnerving, for sure, but there’s no need to panic, and more importantly, it’s not an excuse to skip on sunscreen.

“The study found what was already known, that there is a very small amount of sunscreen agents that are absorbed into the bloodstream,” says Darrell Rigel, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “However, tens of millions of people have used these products for many years and without any of the hypothetical problems suggested occurring.”


Source : Glam – What You Need To Know About The New Sunscreen Study That Has Everyone Talking By, Melanie Rud