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What Skin-Care Products Should I Use While Pregnant (and Breastfeeding)?

Skincare products during pregnancy and breastfeeding


While preparing for the birth of your child is an overwhelmingly joyous occasion, being pregnant does come with more than a handful of inconveniences, including having to give up certain foods (sushi, cold-cuts, wine) and activities (high-intensity and high-impact workouts). Pregnant women also have to be careful about what they put on their skin, as products containing potent acne-fighting ingredients — like prescription retinoids, over-the-counter retinols, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid, to name a few — are not safe during pregnancy.

To help you navigate what is already a stressful time, we spoke to eight dermatologists about what ingredients to absolutely avoid during pregnancy (and breastfeeding), alternative ingredients to look for, and the best products expectant mothers can use to tackle problems like acne, dry skin, dark spots, and more.

From the over-the-counter products, Dr. Nava Greenfield of Brooklyn’s Schweiger Dermatology Group agrees that sulfur-based products are safe to use to treat acne while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Source : The Strategist – What Skin-Care Products Should I Use While Pregnant (and Breastfeeding)? By, Lauren Ro


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