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What is a pimple patch?

Korean beauty brands — the geniuses behind popular sheet masks and many more cult products — have done it again, introducing us to yet another beauty innovation: pimple patches. But what are they exactly?

Basically, you can think of them of as pimple Band-Aids. You place a sticker — which is packed with acne-fighting ingredients — right on top of the blemish and wait a couple of hours or overnight before peeling it off to (hopefully) reveal a much smaller pimple afterward.

“They work by occluding the site of the pimple and encouraging the body to heal it,” said Dr. Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist. “The anti-inflammatory properties of the hydrocolloid and active ingredients decrease bacteria and redness.”

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Source: Today – What is a pimple patch? This acne treatment can clear a pimple overnight By, Audrey Noble


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