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People Are Obsessed With Amazon’s No. 1 Body Exfoliator

Now that most of us are spending more time at home, it’s understandable to find different ways for taking care of yourself — even if that means doing a personal body scrub.

If you’ve been looking for an exfoliator that can cleanse, soothe and hydrate, there is one option that hundreds of Amazon shoppers are obsessed with and has ultimately become a No.1 best seller.

NYC-based dermatologist Nava Greenfield from Schweiger Dermatology Group explained to StyleCaster, “Magnesium-rich salt can improve the skin’s barrier function, which will result in significantly greater skin hydration.” She continued, “The same study goes on to show that sea salt may reduce inflammation in eczema. The salts improve hydration by binding water and have an effect on skin cell turnover.”

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Source: In The Know – People Are Obsessed With Amazon’s No. 1 Body Exfoliator By, Danelle Sandoval


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