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Stress Can Lead To Hair Loss: Here’s How Collagen Supplements Can Help

Here’s the thing about stress: It can manifest in a multitude of ways, from digestive issues to tension headaches to shortness of breath. And while the beauty front has its fair share of signs (hello, stress acne!), our hair seems to take the heaviest hit. In addition to your roots feeling greasier of late, you might be experiencing some hair shedding. You’re not alone.

And since stress-induced hair loss takes a few weeks or even months to manifest, you’re likely starting to notice it, oh, right about now.

“Once the stressors are managed, the hair will subsequently respond by not shedding further and eventually regrow,” assures board-certified dermatologist Christine M. Shaver, M.D., at Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration in New York City. The process may take one to three months, so be patient (stressing will only make it worse!). In fact, Shaver says, it can take one to two years after the stressor for you to completely grow back your full mane.

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Source: Mindbodygreen – Stress Can Lead To Hair Loss: Here’s How Collagen Supplements Can Help By, Jamie Schneider


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