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Windburn On The Skin: What It Is & Derm Tips To Help

I hate to acknowledge this fact, but I can’t ignore it any longer: Somehow, we’re in the midst of fall and the temperatures are starting to dip. Summer breezed by all too fast, and even this fall is moving along at a galloping pace. And with any seasonal change, many of us have started seeing it show up in our skin in a variety of ways, from increased dryness and sensitive skin flare-ups to the dreaded windburn.

If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s not something you want to deal with regularly. Typically those of us who work out, be it running or biking, outside experience it more regularly—but anyone can see mild symptoms creep up on gusty days. So, here, we spoke with skin care experts on what it is and exactly what to do about it. Read on, and then enjoy your outdoor time—irritation-free.

What is windburn, and what causes it?

Windburns are simply skin irritations triggered by the weather. “Windburn is a painful, inflamed reaction of the skin that results after time in cold and windy conditions. Essentially the dry, cold air can strip moisture from the skin, leaving it irritated and dry,” says board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. “It looks similar to a sunburn: Skin is painful, discolored like red or ashy, extra sensitive, and can even flake or peel.”



Source : MBG Lifestyle – Windburn On The Skin: What It Is & Derm Tips To Help Edited By, Alexandra Engler

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